Diploma in Cinematography

6 Months



Course Brief :
RMS course in Film Making is designed to give a Film/TV aspirant an extensive training in Film Making, spread over 12 months.The lectures are structured around classic and contemporary films.

Module: 1

  • The principles of still and motion picture photography
  • Various types camera techniques of light sources and their practical application
  • Basics of Lighting, Detailed Practical’s on Various Types of Lighting Situations
  • Filters and Composition, study of colour temperature, Depth of Field
  • Study of time lapse, hyper lapse,aerial films, and various types of film stock
  • The grammar of single camera & multi camera placements
  • Roots and reasons for selecting a camera style
  • Study of the video cameras and principles of videography
  • Principles of Optics as applied to Photography
  • Assignments and Group Projects for Students on Digital Cameras
  • Techniques to handle drone and gimbal and many new camera product

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