RMS Certified Certificate Course in Photography

RMS Certified Certificate Course in Photography

RMS Certified Certificate Course in Photography

(Course Duration: 2 months/ Sessions :- 24)  Schedule :- 1hr / Twice a week
Course Module:

1. Introduction to Photography:  Why Photography is Important in Todays Modern world, Where we can use Photography, what are Jobs & Business Options, etc. How & when photography comes into existence, 1st Camera, Painting to Photographs, etc.

2. Rules of Composition:  What is Composition, why composition is Important, Rule of third, framing, compositing images, Etc.

3. Camera Angles & different types of shots:  Different types of Camera angles. High angle, low angle, bird eye view, ant eye viewed) and when to use different camera angles.

4. Understanding DSLR & Lenses:  Understanding what DSLR is, how it works, what are different types of DSLRs? (Crop censor or Full Frame censor)

5. Theory of Exposure:  Understanding Shutter speed, Aperture & ISO in connection with Exposure.

6. Detail study of Shutter speed:  Understanding Shutter speed In Relation to Motion and Freezing Moments.

7. Detail study of Aperture:  Understanding F/stop, Aperture use for exposure, Depth of Field doing practical assignments with different lens F\Stop.

8. Bokeh use and Filters:  Creating Different shape Bokeh with filters or cardboard made shapes.

9. Outdoor Photography:  Doing Landscape and Nature Photography.

10. Flash Light:  Introducing Flash light & how to use it. Different techniques.