Career opportunities

Career opportunities

The media and entertainment industry plays a very crucial role in India. The Indian media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Some of the factors driving the growth of the industry are rise in digital content consumption, launch of innovative content delivery platforms, higher media penetration in tier II and tier III cities, greater reach of regional media, increased consumer base, etc.


The demand for proficient DJ ’s is rapidly increasing with each passing day. Given the fact that the present generation is all insane about great music, DJ is by far the coolest profession you can opt for. With there being a huge demand for music filled evenings often accompanied with dancing, opening for proficient DJ ’s is not only huge, but also rewards in earning robust greens in just a few hours. Disc jockey is one who entertains the crowd of a discotheque, party, or an event by playing lively and energetic music. Apart from night clubs and discotheques, DJ s are hired for keeping the guests engaged on various occasions, such as weddings, engagements, birthday parties, and any other social gatherings. As a DJ you can become a Club DJ , Radio DJ , Turntablist, Music producers.


Photographs are the best way to capture emotions. And as soon as the emotions are captured in a photograph, they become memories. In fact, some of our best memories are from photographs. They make us nostalgic and emotional, all at the same time. Like birthday parties, engagements, weddings, social gatherings, anniversaries, road trip  etc. whatever might have been the occasion, photos capture them in all their glory. They give us an opportunity to analyse how our lives have changed or remained the same. We can have a look at our lives through them more attentively because they force us to focus on a particular moment. As a photographer you can choose to work as a freelancing artist or as a hired company photographer in any of these photography sectors. As a photographer you can become a Fashion photographer, Wedding Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Product Photographer

Event management

The number of companies/individuals organizing and hosting events has been growing rapidly. Occasions and events are an important part of human life. We cannot circumvent them since they touch all attributes of our social existence. Events like weddings, engagements, social gatherings and birthday celebrations, exhibitions, workshops, corporate seminars, company conferences, musical concerts like ( Nucleya, hardwell, Honeysingh, badshah), celebrity promotions, road shows, film awards, fashion, celebrity shows, sports events like ( IPL, T-20, Pro Kabaddi, FIFA ) etc. are all events which we often celebrate at the personal level. You can start your own event management company or also you can do Jobs In event management like you can become – Event planner, Event coordinator, Wedding planner, Event manager, Event organiser, Tourist event coordinator, Fashion event coordinator, Sport event coordinator, Facilities manager, Corporate event planner.


Guitar Performers play for a live audience, or in a recording or production studio. They may perform solo, in a band, or in a larger group. Guitar players spend considerable time practicing and learning new pieces. But very Few people are able to turn their love of guitars into an actual career. Those who can, however, generally find their work rewarding and fulfilling. Related jobs include music directing and composing. Directors lead groups in performances and practices. They often select the music and the players. Composers create original music. Arrangers transpose (or adapt) music for different groups, instruments, settings, As guitarist you can became Studio Musician, Stage Artist, Live Show, Professional Musician, Orchestra, Guitar Tutor.


Keyboard player can perform as a solo act, with singers and musicians, or as part of a band or orchestra. you could also work for a major record label accompanying singers who are recording their albums, also you can become Studio Musician, Stage Artist, Live Show, Professional Musician, Orchestra, If you happen to love teaching and want to share your knowledge about music and Keyboard playing to people who are interested to learn about this instrument, you can also work as a Keyboard teacher.

Music Production

The producer plays a variety of roles depending on whether they are working in music, film, theatre, dance, video games, or other media. In the music industry.  Music Producers write, arrange, produce, and record songs, whether they’re shaping the sound of another artist’s album or creating beats or songs for their own projects. Performers and composers need technically qualified and capable engineers to create the music they imagine. Technical or audio production careers focus on controlling and enhancing the quality of the audio that is created in the studio and at live events. As a Music producer you can become Recording Engineer, Record/Music Producer, Sound Designer, Instrument Tech/Specialist, Live Sound Engineer, Sound Mixer, Recording Studio Manager.